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A Difficult Topic CAN be dealt with…

piechartPrevention of child sexual abuse is an adult responsibility, and we know this topic can be hard to navigate.

That’s why Bailey Bee is a great resource for parents and their children. This DVD can help prevent abuse from happening.

Watching the Bailey Bee DVD with our child and educating ourselves is the best place to start.



Bailey Bee Believes
This informative DVD empowers our children and teaches valuable life lessons; Bailey Bee makes it fun.

Jennifer’s goal to raise awareness of sexual abuse for families with small children is right on target.


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Step in the Middle

Step in the Middle

While watching my daughters play house and pretend to protect their baby dolls, I am reminded of my never-ending role as a mother to protect them. Unfortunately, that includes protecting them from sexual predators. As citizens of this nation, we should make it our ultimate goal to end sexual abuse so that our children, grandchildren, and future generations do not have to worry about the next child becoming another statistic. Just thinking about what has to occur for that to happen, can be overwhelming. But, we can empower ourselves to believe that WE CAN be bigger than the darkness. One way to be bigger is to break down what needs… Continue Reading

No Matter the Cost

No Matter the Cost

As I sit here reflecting back on the last three years, I am beyond ecstatic that my company, Bailey Bee Believes®, is about to launch its first product. It has been an emotional rollercoaster, to say the least; but, well worth the ride. I remember one evening after some people left our home being very angry at what I had just witnessed. I witnessed an adult having ‘sneaky hands’ with one of my daughters and my mama instincts were on fire.  I was exhausted by the behavior I had observed and knew immediately a talk about boundaries was going to have to take place. It was my duty as a mother to err on the side… Continue Reading